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 Collaboration Meets Compliance 

One Platform, Three integrated offerings- Voice, Scribe & Sync 


 GreenKey Voice

One touch voice communication. Each teammate is vital to the success of your business, and communication is Key. Our voice product provides the tools to keep your colleagues up to the moment. 

 GreenKey Scribe

Patented artificial Intelligence that understands financial language. Scribe A.I gets that speed, accuracy, and sentiment are the Keys to getting the deal done today versus tomorrow.

 GreenKey Sync

 An un-intrusive chat capture solution. Compliance is never easy, but always necessary. GreenKey’s Sync product allows company officers to monitor and capture data they need, while your colleagues continue to use their preferred chat application as they always have.

Our Deployment Solution

No matter the size of  your organization, we are ready when you are. 

GreenKey’s comprehensive platform deployment model unlocks the cloud and on-premise enterprise ready solutions.



Enterprise grade end-to-end encryption with multi-layer security and encryption keys managed by you. 



Flexible deployment allows for management phased roll outs (no hard cuts). With on-premise or hosted options, our gateways can fully replace or integrate with your existing legacy systems. 



Allows cross-turret deployments. Users can co-mingle soft turret & hard turret, while leveraging GreenKey’s cloud, recording & transcription capabilities.