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Trader Voice Box℠ Features


Trader Voice Box℠ is a voice software application designed specifically for brokers and traders. This “Soft Turret” enables users to instantly communicate over secure, recorded voice networks – without the need for expensive physical lines or antiquated hardware.

Quite simply, we help migrate your trader voice to the PC.

Trader Voice Command℠ is an eDiscovery platform designed specifically for compliance officers. This browser based tool allows call recordings to be intelligently searched, displayed and analyzed. The command center also allows for self provisioning and contact management.

Green Key provides a one stop shop for trader voice functionality & compliance mandates to be met


Located In Midtown New York

415 Madison Ave 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 1.646.525.4016
Web: www.GreenKeyTech.com

Located In Central London

IBEX House, 42-47 Minories
London, EC3N 1DY, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7193 4523
Web: www.GreenKeyTech.com
Make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective.
We are a very ambitious software firm. We build disruptive technology. We aim to shatter the status quo. We challenge assumptions, break things and embrace small failures as the foundation of our success.
We will not be outworked. Ever. We will smash hurdles and run through walls. Whatever is takes to ensure our customers receive mission critical software and service 24/7/365
Give effort, take pride.

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Hello World – Introducing Trader Voice Box 2.0

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Green Key is a cross-functional group of developers, quants, network engineers and technologists. Our mission is to make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective. We believe physical lines and hardware are no longer required for secure, mission critical conversations to take place. Our solution is an encrypted global VoIP network and the development of intelligent Soft Turrets.

Utilizing the latest in mixing, multithreading and machine learning techniques, we leverage a user’s PC into a sophisticated trader voice machine. Our patent pending software solution sends trader voice streams over a virtual private network where it is then routed by our […]

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Green Key Technologies Releases Version 2.0 of Trader Voice Box℠

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Green Key Technologies Releases Version 2.0 of Trader Voice Box℠: Voice software designed for brokers and traders, that mimics and exceeds the functionality and security offered by traditional hardware-based dealerboards and turrets.

New York-October 23rd, 2014 – Green Key Technologies, a voice software development firm, announced today the release of Trader Voice Box℠ 2.0, a VoIP “Soft Turret” that offers encrypted and recorded inbound/outbound calling as well as private hoot and holler.

Trader Voice Box℠ enables global financial market participants to rapidly set up and instantly speak on private, secure voice networks without hardware.  Communication takes place using a downloadable software client […]

  • london telephone

Green Key Technologies Hires Managing Director for London Office

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Green Key Technologies Hires Managing Director for London Office:

New York -September 15th, 2014 – Green Key Technologies, a trader voice software provider, announced today the hiring of Ty Devlin as Managing Directors of the London office.

Devlin will focus on the European expansion of Trader Voice Box℠, a virtual turret leveraging VoIP which replicates the functionality of traditional turrets and physical lines at a fraction of the cost.

“We are thrilled to have Ty onboard,” Anthony Tassone, Chief Executive Officer for Green Key Technologies, said. “Ty has 20 years of experience in trader voice sales and engineering globally. He brings a wealth […]

  • david

David Rutter To Join Green Key’s Advisory Board

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David Rutter To Join Green Key’s Advisory Board:

New York -September 10th, 2014 – Green Key Technologies, provider of voice software solutions for brokers and traders, announced today that David E. Rutter, former CEO of ICAP Electronic Broking, has agreed to join the Company’s strategic advisory board.  In addition to Rutter, the board also consists of former CFTC commissioner Jill Sommers, and former General Counsel of ICE Jim Falvey.

Mr. Rutter will provide strategic advice and offer guidance as the Company continues to execute its strategic imperatives, assist in forming global partnerships and spearhead ongoing voice consortium discussions with many top banks, […]