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GreenKey Mobile App coming soon!

Make your mobile phone compliant with GreenKey.  Using our new app or "pocket turret" you will never miss a quote from your trader or broker!

Contact us for more information on the mobile app.


GreenKey is the voice-driven collaboration platform for teams: enhancing compliance and enabling sophisticated data analytics and workflows.

Every phone in the financial markets should be powered by GreenKey!


Voice-driven collaboration

For financial market participants or teams, with an elegant interface, one-click intercom or phone calls, conference calls, click-and-drag connectivity, video and screen sharing.

Data Unlocked

Optional real-time transcription of voice communications to digitized text for searchable data and analytics (on-site installation or cloud).


Speech recognition gives quote & trade capture, parsing, track client inquiry, CRM by voice or phone line recognition, relationship mapping, attribution, sales call reports.

Compliance and Security

Built-in recording at the server so any device (including mobile phones) is recorded, voice biometric verification, searchable voice, analytics and alerts. 


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