The GreenKey offering consists of: (1) HTML5 Web-based voice workspace / telephone, (2) Web-based administration portal, (3) Software based cloud-native telecom backend.

The backend “Telecom in a box” components are built over Linux and Python interacting with a open-source components and are cloud-native, data center agnostic and can be run on premise to meet bank security requirements.  We have passed third party security audits with regular, on-going testing on all components.

Each component is designed to operate in a highly resilient manner with no single point of failure (SPOF). The system is architected around the concept of zones, data centers, and pods.

  • GreenKey follows a service oriented architecture methodology. The system is entirely software based, avoids expensive or proprietary software components. Examples include Nginx, Python uWsgi, RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, GlusterFS, Docker.
  • Each service can be operated across multiple data centers in a load-balanced, active-active configuration. A pod represents an isolated, independent set of compute resources with a complete set of services required to support full system functionality. A single data center will have more than one zone.
  • Within the same zone, applications will communicate over the private VLAN. Inter-zone or inter-data center, DNS load balancing and failover is utilized. A DNS provider with a 100% uptime SLA (Amazon Web Services Route 53) is used for this service.