Job Title: Data Scientist

Python, Machine Learning, C/C++, CUDA, Speech Recognition


We are creating ground-breaking technologies in the field of speech recognition & transcription for the financial markets and as a result are looking for speech recognition developers to join our team.

As a member of the Green Key team you will be responsible for leading the development and launch of core voice transcription product features. You will have complete influence on our overall transcription strategy by helping define these product features, drive the system architecture, and spearhead the best practices that enable a quality product.

The ideal candidate is clearly passionate about new opportunities and has a demonstrable track record of success in delivering new features and products. A commitment to team work, hustle, and strong communication skills (to both business and technical partners) are absolute requirements. This person has thrived and succeeded in delivering high quality technology products/services in a hyper-growth environment where priorities shift fast.



Green Key provides a voice collaboration platform with integrated speech recognition for the financial markets. Our feature rich client enables teams to instantly communicate in parallel groups while leveraging transcribed conversations.  The platform is also accessible via an API enabling firms to integrate sophisticated voice and/or transcription capabilities into their own solutions without telecom or data science knowledge.

GreenKey’s voice API enables firms to dynamically construct and control secure phone calls, intercoms and instant playbacks from a recorded platform accessible from any web interface.  Our API makes building unique call experiences for financial market participants simple.

GreenKey’s customizable  speech recognition engine is tailored to produce high accuracy in domain specific workflows, such as trading and brokerage.  Using machine learning and natural language processing, GreenKey abstracts meaning and summarizes content behind communication and transactions.  The transcription engine can be made accessible independently from the collaboration platform.

GreenKey’s voice collaboration platform and speech recognition engine is available both in the cloud, and as an on-premise, containerized package.


SEND RESUMES TO:  [email protected]