GreenKey Sync
When communication is Key, we make compliance look easy!
Sync Captures WeChat and WhatsApp messages
Sync Up

Sync up your mobile device to our desktop application


Colleagues can now chat while we capture and ingest the messages

Stay Compliant

Data is available for compliance teams to search or integrate with archiving services


Sync allows users to stay compliant in a non-intrusive manner for both WeChat and WhatsApp message capture.

Sync is not an application or another messaging network, but rather a non-intrusive extension of our application designed to support compliance efforts around existing consumer messaging applications.

Chat Compliance Has Never Been So Easy! 

Simply login to GreenKey and sync your mobile device. If you become de-synced at anytime, you and your company’s administrator will receive in-app and email notification.


Non-Intrusive Communication Is Key.

GreenKey Sync users continue to communicate with their colleagues through supported chat applications without interruption.

 Actionable Reporting And Integration At Your Fingertips.

Compliance Administrators can quickly search and view all captures in our Reporting section in real-time. GreenKey also integrates with archiving solutions to automatically send data for compliance and archiving.

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