GreenKey Sync

Fostering Compliance



Addresses compliance challenges presented by mobile-based encrypted messaging networks.

Synchronize between desktop & mobile apps to maintain session & event management.


Capture & send text based messages & events for ingestion into any compliance system.


Data available for compliance teams to search & integrate into workflows.


Sync allows users to stay compliant allowing for WeChat message capture and WhatsApp message capture. Sync is not an application or another messaging network but rather a non-intrusive extension to our application designed to support compliance efforts around existing consumer messaging applications.

  • Synchronization between desktop and mobile apps
  • Users can continue to communicate with their existing counterparties through the native social applications without interference
    • Users can capture and send text based messages and events for ingestion into any compliance system
  • Data is available for compliance teams to search and integration into workflows.
    • Admin users can access reports and easily query past chat conversations and even export to CSV files. ¬†Admins can also whitelist contacts that are not to be tracked for their users.
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