GreenKey Voice

Next-Gen Collaboration for Teams


Frictionless collaboration, integrated recording for any regulated or high-demand enterprise.

Full Turret/Dealer Board Parity in a Soft Interface

Enterprise Collaboration – Trader Voice Technology

Concurrent Push to Talk Intercoms & Group Channels

On Demand Recording & Intra-day Playback

Complete Mobility Suite For Desk, Mobile, Tablet


Complete Mobility Suite for desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • iOS & Android support on any network
  • Compliant conversations and turret parity on the go

On Demand Recording and Intraday playback.

Full Turret/Dealerboard Parity with increased functionality.

  • Unlimited Concurrent Push to Talk Intercoms and Ring downs
  • Unlimited inbound and outbound calling
  • Group Channels
  • Advanced Call Functionality including line sharing, merging and transferring, voicemail management, call forwarding, speed dials
  • Activity Stream with a chronological list of events (calls, intercoms, chats and channel activity)

Manage and grow your network while having access to to GreenKey’s extensive directory.

  • Search by name, company or location

Reporting and other features available to admin users.

  • Admins can even reset passwords for their own teams

Our on-prem or hosted deployments and gateways can replace OR integrate existing systems.

  • Hardware Agnostic
  •  Allow users to connect via any T1 or E1 private wire
  • Completely removes “on net” counterparty limitations
  • Allows cross-turret deployments.  Users can co-mingle soft turret & hard turret, while leveraging GreenKey cloud, recording & transcription capabilities
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