Forbes: Dodd-Frank, Clearing And $99 Android "Turrets" Boost Voice Trading

Green Key Technologies' Chief Product Officer, Anthony Tassone, talks with Forbes contributor Tom Groenfeldt about voice trading.

“We’ve come full circle and voice is back in vogue,” said Anthony Tassone, CEO of Green Key Technologies which has launched what it calls a voice workspace, Voice Box, which brings sophisticated trader voice capabilities to a broad range of devices, including low-cost touch-screen tablets.

“We are 100 percent software and it can be installed on a desktop PC, laptop or a tablet. Guys who want to use their fingers to trade will install Green Key on a tablet.  A broker at Goldman Sachs can remove $20,000 of hardware and replace it with a $99 Android tablet.  They all have USB ports, so traders can plug in a USB handset or use a Bluetooth speaker.  We are kind of like Skype — we don’t care what audio devices you want to use, so traders can order their devices from Amazon.”

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Elisabeth Samuels