Blog: What's New on GreenKey

We’re excited to announce our new blog, What’s New on GreenKey. With each release, we will use this forum to inform users of the cool, new updates we have pushed out into the product. No boring release notes!

Before we get into the full details, please note: users who may have left the application running are advised to exit completely, re-start the application and log in again.

With this release (1.0.1712), we have added the functionality described below into GreenKey.  


GreenKey IM Capture Tool Functionality

The GreenKey IM Capture Tool facilitates message capture for users of WhatsApp and Yahoo, supporting comprehensive message logging in a single location within the GreenKey environment. Full WeChat and AIM support is expected in a future release.

We believe using the IM Capture Tool helps support a “culture of compliance” where messages are captured across disparate platforms.  We are not building a chat network but rather, we are providing a browser extension to make the existing platforms compliant with regulations.


New functionality for WhatsApp and Yahoo

Importing of existing contacts

Making it easier to manage your contacts

Pop out conversations and creation of and the ability to save custom layouts

Manage large numbers of chat conversations from a tabbed layout

Audio and Display Notifications

Broadcast or Blasts to contacts

Create conference rooms


Additionally, this release aids with compliance efforts via the following functionality: 

Recordings and logging- which can be searched later and the ability to exclude personal communications


Multiple Audio Devices

We have also add multiple audio devices capability into GreenKey. Users will be able to switch between multiple devices by a drag and drop. This feature will also allow users to have shouts on one device and ring downs on a different device. For example, shouts can be on a speaker while ring downs can be on a headset.  



If you have any support related issues with the new features, please contact our support team.

Green Key Support Webpage

Green Key Support Email


North America Support:  +1 (646) 883 8830

EMEA Support:  +44 (0) 203 026 3150

APAC Support: +65 90058530 

Are you not on GreenKey yet? Do these features look so amazing that you have to become a GreenKey user?!? Contact us and let’s get you communicating on GreenKey!

Elisabeth Samuels