Waters Technology Article: Guarding the Turret: The Future of Trader Voice

GreenKey's CPO was interviewed by Waters Technology.  Below is an excerpt of the article.

By Emilia Clark

Trader voice firms are contemplating what the future of turrets will be.

Trading turrets, and the trader-voice space, have been slow to evolve. But new technologies challenging traditional turrets are gaining steam and are changing how trading floors will look in the future.  Developments in technology move at lightning speeds. One day, everyone is carrying around BlackBerry phones, and the next, they clamor for an iPhone or a Samsung. And just as Apple puts out a new iPhone every year, people have come to expect similarly rapid updates to the systems they use in the financial industry....

"There is a future for legacy technologies and we’re going see traders use both hardware and software. What will disappear are the physical lines that connect the turrets.” Anthony Tassone, Green Key Technologies

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Elisabeth Samuels