GreenKey’s Virtual Turret Awarded Patent

GreenKey patented

Green Key’s Virtual Turret for Brokers and Traders Awarded Patent.

Chicago –September 22nd, 2015 – Green Key Technologies, winner of the 2015 most promising sell-side start up award and maker of voice software designed specifically for traders and brokers, announced today the USPTO has granted the company a patent for their “soft turret” functionality.

The Green Key cloud-based “software turret” completely replicates the functionality of legacy hardware turrets and lines but at a fraction of the cost.  Traders and brokers simply download the voice software onto their PC, establish connections to counterparties and “push-to-talk” in real time with an unlimited amount of users. Communication is encrypted, recorded and can be transcribed for real-time compliance capabilities.  Green Key’s technology represents an opportunity for the average bank or brokerage firm to save tens of millions of dollars in telephony costs as well as to dramatically increase their compliance capabilities.

“We are thrilled to have been acknowledged for our innovation,” Anthony Tassone, Chief Executive Officer for Green Key Technologies, said. “Green Key is a world class development team that is building the next generation in trader voice capabilities.  Telecom is moving to the PC – where VoIP is dramatically cheaper, more secure and compliant.”

The Green Key VoIP network now includes over 225 of the world’s largest banks, brokerage firms and trading firms and has steadily grown since the launch of Green Key in 2014.  Usage among trading firms has exploded recently as many of the world’s major liquidity providers have joined on.  Instant access, increased capacity and unparalleled mobility are the key drivers for traders ditching hardware and switching to the telephony software solution.

Green Key is rapidly expanding and hiring in all four of our global offices.

About Green Key Technologies
Our mission is to make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective.  We believe physical lines and hardware are no longer required for secure, mission critical conversations to take place. Our solution is an encrypted global VoIP network and the development of intelligent Soft Turrets.

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