Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for GreenKey?

  • It’s simple!  Please visit us here and sign up using your email address or LinkedIn account.
  • If you want to sign up multiple users, please contact GreenKey support.

I forgot my password.  How do I reset?

  • To reset your password, simply click on the forgot password link on the login page, enter your email address and click on reset my password.

Can I log into GreenKey on multiple devices?

  • For security purposes, users can only be logged into one device at any given time. 

Call Recordings

How do I access my call recordings?

  • You can access your call recordings by logging in to the admin portal application and clicking on “History / Call History, Recordings” on the dashboard.
  • Also, call recordings can be downloaded using our SFTP server.  Please contact GreenKey Support for more information.

Can I use a third party provider for call recordings archiving?

  • Yes, GreenKey can integrate to third party providers for archiving.  Please contact GreenKey Support for customized solutions.


How do I add address book contacts?

  • You can add address book contacts by logging in to the admin portal application and clicking “My Contacts” on the dashboard.  You can also add contacts manually or by CSV import.

How do I make and accept direct connections?

  • To make a direct connection, use the search field in the GreenKey application to search for users.  Once the list of contacts pops up, click “Connect”.  You will need to wait for your connection to be accepted by the other party.  

How do I accept a contact request?

  • You will see a notification message on your GreenKey application, simply just click on “Connections” and approve or reject the contact request.

Why is my contact showing as being offline?

  • GreenKey user presence updates to broadcast your status to your contacts and receive theirs. If your contact shows offline it means they haven’t logged in to the application or are in the process of doing so.


How do I create speed dials?

  • You can create speed dials by logging in to the admin portal application and clicking “My Contacts”. Click “Add Contact” button and check “Speed Dial” check box. If you already have the contact, simply click edit and check the “Speed Dial” box.

Can I change an "intercom"  to a “speed-dial"?

  • Yes, switch to the settings mode (wheel icon on the top, far right side of the application).  Simply drag and drop the “intercom" to the “speed-dial" box.
  • You can also move “speed-dials" to "intercoms” in the same way. If moving a “speed-dial” to “intercom”, a request will be sent to the contact to allow a speed-dial connection between you. “Speed-dials” will become an “intercom” only after the counter-party accepts the request.

Are my calls secure?

  • Yes, all calls are encrypted with SRTP encryption.

How good is the call quality?

  • GreenKey uses the Opus codec for high definition audio, this allows for higher bitrates than G711, G722, AAC and MP3. This results in crystal clear audio communication provided that you have the required equipment and network connection.  For more information, please visit the Opus codec website.

What do the red, orange and green dots on my Shout buttons mean?

  • Red means the person is offline or in the process of logging into GreenKey.
  • Orange means the person is logged into GreenKey but is away.
  • Green means the person is logged in and available on GreenKey.

Where do I find my Voicemail Password?

  • Look under My Profile.

How do I hang up a Speed-dial or phone call?

  • Click the Select button on the Speed-dial or Phone Call you want to end.  Then click Release.

Technical Requirements

What are the GreenKey system requirements?

  • Desktop Application (recommended) for computers or tablets running in Windows.

Hardware Requirements for GreenKey application:

  • Computers or tablets running Windows 7 or higher with at least a 2nd-generation Core i5 (2GHz+), 3rd/4th-generation Core i5 processor, or equivalent and 2GB of RAM
  • Microphone and speakers or a headset – required to make and receive calls.
  • Enterprise grade network environment

Software requirements for using GreenKey desktop application:

  • Windows 7 or higher operating system

What are the recommended audio devices?

What are the GreenKey network requirements?

  • If you have specific networking questions, please contact GreenKey Support for assistance.

I have a problem downloading GreenKey...

  • If you are experiencing issues downloading GreenKey make sure your network allows access to our servers. You may need to contact your system administrator to make changes on your network.  
  • If you continue to have a problem, please have your system administrator contact GreenKey Support for assistance.

How do I update my GreenKey software?

  • GreenKey provides seamless updates; this means you will get new updates upon login when they are available.

Can I connect my existing turret to the GreenKey network?

How can I test if GreenKey will work on my network?

  • You can sign up for/login to with your email or LinkedIn account and try calling “Green Key Test” ringdown.  Please contact GreenKey Support if you’re unable to complete a test call.

What is Trader Voice Command and how do I get there? 

  • The admin portal is designed to administer and manage user accounts and permissions and access call recordings.  Go to this site and enter your username and password.

Other questions?

Have a question that hasn't been addressed?

  • Please contact us so we can get you the answers and support you need.