Trade Ticket FAQ

Which exchanges are supported?

  • CME Group


Which CME Group product groups are supported?

  • Currently, only Energy products are supported

Which are the CME Group product names?

  • WTI, Brent, Gas

Which CME Group symbols are supported?

  • CL-Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures
  • LO-Light Sweet Crude Oil options
  • BZ-Brent Crude Oil Last Fay Financial Futures
  • BZO-Brent Crude Oil Futures-Style Margin Option
  • NG-Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures
  • LN-Henry Hub European Natural Gas Financial Option


Which strategies are supported?

  • Outright-Futures
  • Strip-Futures
  • Spread-Futures
  • Straddle-Options
  • Fence-Options
  • Strangle-Options
  • Call Spread-Options
  • Put Spread-Options
  • Call Butterfly-Options
  • Put Butterfly-Options

What types of trades are currently supported?

  • Dual-sided trades


What permits a trade to be submitted?

  • The form contains valid entries
  • The firm has submitted certification to CME Group to authorize GreenKey as a platform
  • GreenKey has associated the firm’s users with individual profile permissions

How can I correct a trade by voice?

  • Users can correct an error by voice when you say “correct” followed by the value or keyword

What are the keywords that GreenKey's Trade Ticket recognizes?

  • Term (Month and Year) = Dec 17 or January 16
  • Trade Ticket Product Name = WTI or Brent or Gas
  • End Term = Dec 17 or August 16
  • Strike Prices = 45 50 or 45 50 60 or 275 285 295
  • Strategy- or Put/Call = Put or Outright or Spread or Call
  • Price as a bid, ask, or trade = Trades 30 or Bid 8 or Ask 9
  • Hedge Price as crossing, against, versus, hedged + value = Against 55 or Versus 370
  • Delta as value + delta = 38 Delta
  • Quantity + Value = Quantity 550

Can I do manual updates to the ticket?

  • Users can select any field and either select a preset option (drop down) or input text