GreenKey unique features


GreenKey Security

  • Passed 3rd party security audit by demonstrating robust system architecture defenses during penetration tests
  • Comprehensive privacy policy, an incident response plan and our internal information security policy upon request
  • Client-server architecture with server side recordings
  • On-premise installation within the customer's network as well as managed cloud
  • Separate telephony infrastructure and application infrastructure in order to localize and stop fraudulent activity
  • Advanced Login Capabilities such as Voice Biometric Verification & 2 Factor Authentication

GreenKey Features

  • Concurrently push-to-talk with an unlimited number of users from a browser
  • Inbound / outbound calling + voicemail + local phone numbers
  • Connects to your existing turrets
  • Thin HTML client can efficiently run on $99 tablets
  • Compact mode reduces screen real estate & pop-out mode allows user to pin buttons anywhere
  • Connect T1 lines via SIP/TDM gateway conversion