Collaborate: Voice as a platform

GreenKey Voice is for teams with an elegant interface, one-click intercom or calls, conference calls, click-and-drag connectivity and a complete smartphone or tablet mobility suite.

Voice is ubiquitous, human and remains the fundamental medium of communication in financial markets. Voice trading dominates the major asset classes. And now, voice is becoming regulated and embarking upon its’ very own fintech revolution.

The average person types 40 words per minute but SPEAKS 160 words per minute.  It’s a HUGE increase in productivity.  At GreenKey, we bring the art and science of voice together and we bring it all together into one elegant and compliant communications and surveillance platform.

We take the efficiency and nuance of voice and pair it with the power of digital functionality and analytics. And we make voice compliant.


Version 3.0_FINAL.png

Feature-rich digital telephony

  • One-click to intercom your team, call merging & conferencing
  • Inbound/outbound calling to/from any phone or turre
  • Online / offline presence indication
  • Intelligent routing & forwarding with high definition audio
  • Complete call history & on-demand playback
  • Full recording with complete call history & on-demand playback


  • Biometric log-in
  • Encryption
  • Cloud-based managed service or on-site install

Additional features

  • Allow users to connect with any counterparty on a legacy turret system
  • Integrated recording at the server
  • Optional speech recognition of communications to digitized text for searchable data and analytics
  • Facilitates disaster recovery and remote working
  • Voice driven automated workflow, trade confirms, quote capture, and sales reports