Connect: GreenKey Gateway

With our gateways, users can reduce private wire lines.  The gateways are also fully compatible with existing hardware solutions and enables GreenKey Voice to be a full turret replacement. 

This gateway allows companies to get “On-Net” with GreenKey using their existing hardware turret infrastructure (IPC, Etrali, BT, etc.). See diagram 1 below.

The gateway also allows GreenKey users to communicate to existing counter parties over private wires while allowing counter parties to use their existing turret system & requires no changes to counter party side.  See diagram 2 below.

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  • Keep using your turret.  Hardware agnostic.  With this gateway, firms don't have to change what they currently use but are able to save on monthly physical line charges.
  • Unlock the Network.  Allows users to connect via ANY T1 or E1 private wire.  It completely removes "on net" counter-party limitations.  Plus, the gateway allows for cross-turret deployments (co-mingle soft turret and hard turret while leveraging GreenKey cloud, recordings and transcription capabilities.
  • Deploy Rapidly and Smartly.  The gateways can allow managed, phased deployments (no hard cuts).  Leverages on premise and forking of existing private wires.
  • Disaster Recovery Solution.  Using GreenKey with this gateway, firms duplicate existing turret connections as at disaster recovery sites for a fraction of the cost.  

Why the GreenKey Voice Gateway makes sense for your firm:

  • Is your existing turret support contract ending soon or has it already expired?
  • Do you work remotely on a regular basis or even once in a while?
  • Do you travel for business and wish to communicate with your counterparties the same way you would at your own desk while remaining compliant?
  • Does your firm need to add traders or brokers but the cost of adding extra lines and hard turrets is prohibitive?
  • Is your firm opening a new desk but wants to keep costs as low as possible?
  • Is your firm moving offices?
  • Is your firm in need of a new disaster recovery plan?


Diagram 1:


Diagram 2: