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Police Body Cam Analytics


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“GreenKey gives cities and police departments the right tools to learn from body camera data. I’m confident this will improve training and let departments get ahead of negative occurrences.”
Anthony Trevino

Retired San Antonio Assistant Chief of Police

Our Most Popular Reports

Reports that give you insight into every police interaction

Early Warning System

This report outlines the most negative events from the day before.


This report provides metrics to determine which de-escalation tactics are most effective in the field.


This report outlines whether positive or negative language was used in police interactions.

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gk for police

GreenKey analyzes body camera audio to provide elected officials with reports that quantify the level of respectfulness and de-escalation within their police departments.

gk for Wall Street

gk is a proven leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and surfaces value from spoken conversations (audio) and textual data (chat and research). We help trading desks improve sales performance and research desks surface trade ideas faster.

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