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Unlock your data with GreenKey’s domain-specific natural language processing

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AI that understands complex jargon

GreenKey transforms audio & text into structured data to generate insights and power workflows. Our natural language processing (NLP) models understand your complex jargon and pinpoint what is important with tailored reports.

Finance: Sales and Trading

GreenKey extracts insights from your voice, chat, and email data to help you increase revenue and productivity across your global sales and trading desks.

Finance: Research

GreenKey tags sentiment, topics, and key metrics across research documents, earnings call audio, and news using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing.

Public Safety

GreenKey’s natural language processing identifies sentiment and de-escalation events in body cam audio, providing better oversight and training.

Deploy powerful NLP workflows

Focus Studio enables anyone to train, test, and personalize gk’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) models with ease. Generate insightful reports and automate workflows with the click of a button.

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We have been working with GreenKey for over a year now and are positively impressed by the performance of their product and quality of service. The GK team has been extremely collaborative with customizing their platform to our needs and it feels like an extension to our own data science team Victor Alexiev

Citi Ventures APAC

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Insight Reports

Make better decisions with actionable insights from your conversations.

Customizable Models

Adapt our models to your nuanced language using Focus Studio.

Easy Deployment & Integration

Integrate NLP into any workflow with our API, on premise or in the cloud.

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