A Year in Review: 2019 Highlights at GK

Anthony Tassone

November 27, 2019

2019 has been a watershed year for our company. Not only am I pleased to share that we’ve tripled our revenues and customer accounts, we’ve also maintained a 100 percent client retention rate and expanded within those accounts throughout the last several months. I could not be more pleased for our team and its achievements!


At the start of 2019, we closed our Series B investment round led by IPC and later followed on by Motorola Solutions. I returned to the CEO role with a renewed focus on GK’s sales outreach, hiring and further refining the company’s core mission and culture. The entire company is laser focused on the problem we hear repeatedly during client meetings: how to handle the explosion of data available across trading functions and how to best structure and automate its capture and analysis. I spent a lot of time on the road this year, at industry conferences and in customer meetings, sharing GK’s perspective and learning from industry participants just how critical this data analysis has become to modern markets. GK has quickly become the industry’s premier NLP partner across both audio and text, and we expect 2020 to be an important year for real-time NLP deployment and bot interaction with the majority of our clients.


In terms of partnerships, we saw our industry community grow deeper in 2019 through IPC’s investment, among other integrations. The GK team delivered our Blotter product to IPC this summer, which is an automated dictation tool for IPC turrets and a gamechanger for fixed income trading desks. We’re excited to see how this integration strengthens in 2020. Additionally, we developed specific functionalities for Symphony and participated in their annual Innovate conference in October, where our live NLP demo was very well received. We look forward to working with these partners and others, including NICE, OpenFin and FINOS, next year.


Of significant note this year was also the strategic investment made by Motorola Solutions in GK to accelerate our expansion into public safety. The investment is an incredible affirmation that after two years of consultation in industry jargon and call center needs with Motorola Solutions’ experts, our NLP capabilities will be an integral part of their A.I. automation strategy. We are excited to work on the deployment phase of this partnership in 2020.


Some additional growth highlights for GK in 2019 include:


  • Expanding our global reach to include clients based in Asia alongside our North American and European customers;
  • Expanding our “trade language interpreter” capabilities to now include more than 30 products across global asset classes, reflecting an even deeper library of actionable industry jargon; and
  • Expanding our GK team to include expert dedicated resources in data science, customer success, product development and marketing; and
  • Launching both Focus, our front-end application, and Blotter, our data visualization tool with IPC that structures voice quotes for their global community of traders.

At the start of this year I made it a priority to codify our team culture at GK and the results speak for themselves: our team is exceptionally capable, motivated and aligned in pursuing our goals of structuring workflow efficiencies through top-notch NLP. As we look to 2020, which I expect to be a year of explosive growth in bot and automation acceptance, we are primed to continue the successes of 2019.


I look forward to what next year will bring!