Welcome To Green Key

Green Key is a cross-functional group of developers, quants, network engineers and technologists. Our mission is to make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective. We believe physical lines and hardware are no longer required for secure, mission critical conversations to take place. Our solution is an encrypted global VoIP network and the development of intelligent Soft Turrets.

Utilizing the latest in mixing, multithreading and machine learning techniques, we leverage a user’s PC into a sophisticated trader voice machine. Our patent pending software solution sends trader voice streams over a virtual private network where it is then routed by our telecom infrastructure.

Our Culture

Make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective.
We are a very ambitious software firm. We build disruptive technology. We aim to shatter the status quo. We challenge assumptions, break things and embrace small failures as the foundation of our success.
We will not be outworked. Ever. We will smash hurdles and run through walls. Whatever is takes to ensure our customers receive mission critical software and service 24/7/365 No Excuses.
Give effort, take pride.

The Why

In the wake of new compliance mandates and margin compression, a low cost intelligent communications platform was needed. Green Key was founded on the idea that physical lines and hardware are no longer an affordable trader voice delivery mechanism. Our customers are proof the modern PC can be leveraged to give users a more cost effective, mobile option for trader voice.

Green Key develops voice software for brokers and traders. We were founded in 2013 and are privately owned by the venture firm Bellicose Capital LLC. In January 2014, with proven software development expertise, a solid understanding of broker’s needs and a great deal of passion, Green Key released the prototype dubbed “Trader Voice Box 1.0”, a soft turret and VoIP connectivity solution. In October 2014, after receiving the feedback from hundreds of users and 2700 builds later, Trader Voice Box 2.0 was released. Today there are over 125 companies connected on Green Key.

Trader Voice Box is a software turret designed to mimic and exceed the functionality offered by a traditional hardware turrets. Users simply install the software and plug USB audio devices into their PCs. The application connects over the internet (vpn) into our telecom platform where voice is then routed. Trader Voice Command is our web management portal and eDiscovery platform. It enables users to manage connection requests, maintain contacts as well as to listen to and analyze recordings.

Our Crazy Skills

Software Development 99
Telecommunications 99
Financial Markets 99
Cloud Computing 99
Encryption 99
Machine Learning 99

Why Choose Us?

      • We offer BOTH a managed cloud & private cluster installations
      • We offer BOTH direct connections & PBX inbound/outbound calling
      • We offer BOTH soft turret and hardware turret connectivity
      • We offer BOTH voice recording & an eDiscovery platform for compliance officers
      • We follow EXTREME financial markets security and compliance standards.
      • We are an ENTERPRISE software development company. Development is what we do.

How Are We Different From Competition?

      • We offer both a managed cloud and a private cluster installation option
      • Your IT department has complete control over network security & recordings
      • We can provide dedicated bandwidth into our telecom cluster
      • We can integrate into your existing recording infrastructure like Redbox
      • We can integrate with traditional hardware turrets over T1 Lines
      • We can connect other SIP based devices (Cisco & Avaya Phones) to our VoIP network

Our Location

Located In New York City

85 Broad St
New York, NY 10004
Phone: 1.646.525.4016
Web: www.GreenKeyTech.com

Our Location

Located In Central London

1 Fore Street
London, EC2Y 5EJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 3290 3569
Web: www.GreenKeyTech.com