August 2019 Newsletter


August 13, 2019


Tejas Shastry, our Chief Data Scientist, recently participated in a highly successful webinar with Greenwich Associates where he discussed artificial intelligence and NLP in trading, including his thoughts on potential future uses in structuring data. A summary of the webinar conversation and a link to the recording can be found in this month’s newsletter, and stay tuned for the e-book coming in September.

Tejas will also be presenting at Symphony Innovate in New York on Oct. 3rd, where he will demonstrate the unification of voice with Symphony technology for traders. Please reach out if you would like to meet with GK during the conference, or to learn more about GK’s data science capabilities. I’m proud of our world-class data science team and welcome the recognition they continue to receive!

Anthony Tassone, Founder and CEO

Artificial Intelligence on the Trading Desk Webinar

Check out our new blog post - a summary of GK's webinar with Greenwich Associates, including:
✓ An overview of discussion topics
✓ A link to the webinar recording
✓ Plus e-book coming soon!
Listen to the Webinar

As a reminder...

Anthony will chair the NLP stream in London next month at the “AI and Data Science in Trading” conference. Please stop by our booth, number 23, to learn more about how to structure your unstructured audio and chat data.

Want to partner with GK?

It's no secret that partnerships are growing at GK. Chris Ruby focusses on educating & supporting our partners' sales & marketing teams to enable re-distribution of GK's NLP.

If you are interested in learning more or partnering with GK send Chris a note.

Liz Petoskey, COO

We're pleased to announce that Liz has moved to Chicago to lead our efforts in the Emergency Services sector. She will be working closely with police departments and local governments including Chicago Police. Watch this space!

Behind the scenes...

Our Product Team sits at the heart of GK. They are continually looking for new ways to add value to our platforms for customers. Here's a little insight to what the team is working on at the moment:
- Focus: We're adding workflows to enhance our onboarding experience. For example, chat data input and features including export to csv, product class filtering and onboarding progress analytics.

- Blotter: Blotter is the co-development platform for IPC, set to be released in the fall. Recent milestones include integrating Blotter with OpenFin and Symphony and adding filtering and search functionality.

- Chatbot project: We're making progress building our GK bot for Innovate to query data structured by our NLP engine.

We're hiring!

We're looking for talented Data Scientists to join our Technology team in Chicago and a Customer Success Manager to join our team in New York.

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