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GreenKey is a group of ambitious people working on audacious technology built around solving an important problem: how can voice improve workflows? Over the last five years, we have unlocked the power of voice for the financial industry and are expanding to support critical emergency services functions.

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We’re Hiring

GreenKey is currently hiring data engineers to help manage the data pipeline that feeds our data science research efforts. Your job is to organize GreenKey’s extensive speech recognition corpora, find and clean new data sets, managing delivery of training data to data scientists, and benchmarking data set performance. You have strong organizational skills, a familiarity with Python, and experience with cloud services.

What Success Looks Like

In your first 90 days, you will:

  • Dive into the financial and emergency services domains
  • Organize and maintain GreenKey’s current speech recognition corpora
  • Identify new data sources and develop cleaning methods to transform that data into established formats

After six months on the job, you will:

  • Optimize and extend GreenKey’s data pipeline for handling training data, training models, and delivering models
  • Benchmarking current and new data sets
  • Work with data cleaning partners to scale training data generation

One year in, you will:

  • Own our data pipeline
  • Work directly with customers to shape our data strategy
  • Make an impact on the direction of GreenKey
About GreenKey

GreenKey is a group of engineers, data scientists, finance experts and hard workers building technology. We know that our work gives police officers more time to protect communities, and makes the finance industry more efficient while keeping it honest.

Our users are:

  • Traders and brokers from the top 15 financial institutions in the world
  • Police officers and emergency services dispatches in cities across America 
Working at GreenKey

We are proud of the culture we’ve created in offices across Chicago, New York and London. Our team is made up of dynamic, humble engineers, data scientists, sales people and business leaders. Our culture is comprised of seven core principles: curiosity, optimism, candor, work ethic, empathy, self awareness and integrity. Success at GreenKey is beyond technical aptitude. Those who demonstrate these values will find themselves surrounded by like-minded individuals ready to tackle challenges together

When you join our team, you can expect: Generous PTO, remote work flexibility, comprehensive insurance, 401k plan with matching

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