“Defining the Sales and Trading Desktop of the Future”: Dreamforce Tier1 Capital Markets Panel Recap

Sarah Tegel

December 3, 2019

Greenkey was pleased to sponsor and participate in the Tier1 Financial Solutions Capital Markets Lounge at Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce’s annual conference bringing together Salesforce experts and business community users from across the globe. This year’s event in San Francisco last month included more than 170,000 attendees from 90 countries and 2,700 breakout sessions, including those at the Tier1 Capital Markets Lounge where GK CEO Anthony Tassone spoke on a panel Nov. 19.


Titled “Defining the Sales and Trading Desktop of the Future,” the panel also featured Cyril Cottu, Global Head of eCommerce & Digital Global Markets at BNP Paribas, and was moderated by Doug Christensen, VP Strategy at Tier1. Mr. Christiansen began the panel by positing that firms are now forced to perform more functions with fewer resources including smaller sales teams, all the while technology use is quickly growing. How teams are now gathering and using data, and in particular voice data, is transforming trading and providing new actionable insights that are driving innovation across trading functions.


Mr. Cottu spoke about the increasing connectivity between systems and the priority of cleaning and organizing data in new ways, which is impacting internal desks as well as client-servicing functions. There is a new emphasis on direct and tailored interaction with clients that also emphasizes convenience. Alongside more internal automation, he said, there is also now direct client contact through bots designed to serve many potential needs from one point of inquiry.


In addition to providing a background on natural language processing and the domain-specific capabilities inherent in its applications, Anthony reiterated that the main problem GK solves for trading desks is structuring all aspects of the buy side quote data that now overwhelms the sell side. Sell side desks have become more junior, he said, and there is an increasing need to build relationships through digital social interaction and market color commentary, which he feels will also distinguish strong trading relationships in the future. Banks are also on the forefront of using technology to initiate buy-side contact based on predictive models, which Mr. Cottu said will further advance into bot-to-bot predictive interaction. While automation and efficiencies will continue to be implemented wherever possible, however, he argued there will always be a need for human beings on the sales desk, as AI cannot apply critical nuances of judgement.


Anthony and Mr. Cottu also shared thoughts on the cultural adaptations necessary to fully take advantage of new automation technology including NLP, particularly in the areas of compliance and traditional vendor relationships.  


To view the panel in its entirety, please click here!