Employee Spotlight: Chris Contrino


March 31, 2020



Tell us about something you do that you are very good at?

While I don’t do much of it today, I’d like to think that I was once a pretty good baseball player. It afforded me the opportunity to attend a great university and built the foundation of character traits that have aided me in a successful work career thus far. I even get to share some of this knowledge with younger generations in my local community.

Tell us about something embarrassing that you have done?

I generally try to steer clear of these types of moments – but I recall one time while on vacation with my parents and sister. We were out to dinner at a restaurant and being a pre-teen, something obviously made me so angry that I stormed off from the table. After a few minutes, I started back to the table but kept my head down the entire time so as not to make eye contact with anyone. I slumped in my seat, arms crossed, head down but something felt off. The couple trying to have a romantic dinner were certainly confused by their unannounced guest (me) but my parents and a few other observers had quite the laugh.

Why do you work at GreenKey?

The commitment to the culture and building out talented teams across the organization truly differentiates GreenKey. You can feel the dedication from my colleagues, which motivates me to deliver upon my responsibilities each and every day.

What do you like to work on at GreenKey?

My role allows me to engage directly with our customers and prospects, working to identify solutions to problems or challenges they may be facing. I get to draw upon my own market experience as well as that of my team members to build rapport and ultimately provide the best possible service.

Who do you most admire at GreenKey and why?

Certainly a tough question to answer, as there are so many brilliant and talented people across the company that deserve to be recognized. I will never have the problem of being ‘the smartest person in the room’, and I am okay with that. That being said, I would like to highlight Tom Schady and Chris Winberg if I may. Tom provided invaluable guidance during my onboarding as I made my first transition into the startup world. Although Chris looks after our clients in the UK, and I take care of clients in the US, he consistently makes himself available to keep the team focused on achieving our goals.