Employee Spotlight: Chris Winberg


December 3, 2019

Customer success is critical to GK. We believe that we are responsible for our clients’ success in implementing GK’s technology to achieve their desired outcomes.

As a result, we foster long-term relationships with our clients, championed by our Customer Success Managers.

Chris Winberg, our Head of Customer Success, features in this month’s Employee Spotlight, and here he explains more.

Chris, tell us about you and your background.

My career in Financial Markets begun when I left school at 18 and spanned 15 years.

I was an Inter-Dealer Broker trading Interest Rate Derivatives for firms like TP ICAP, Tradition and BGC, before moving into trading technology a few years ago.

I joined GreenKey in March this year as part of a newly formed customer-facing team based in our London office in Old Broad Street. From here, we run the Customer Success, Technical Account Management and Channel Sales globally for GK.

The Success function was new to GK at that time, but in reality, it has always been a core principal of every action we take – culture and customer experience come above all else at GK!

What do you consider to be the most important aspect of your role?

Customer retention and the experience that customers have working with GK is critical to our success here – unlike many products, we can’t do a victory lap at the point of sale and walk off into the sunset…that’s when the real work begins for us! 

NLP is such a huge value add for our customers that we typically begin working on one asset class and then quickly move to engaging an entire region. The only way we can continue to move the product in the right direction and ensure it adds value to end users is to obsessively gather feedback from them, to learn where their pain points are and to help them solve problems using NLP.

Our ability to guide customers and generate insights which enhance their own Sales and Customer Success functions is also hugely important – we want our customers to have great success too!

Why is customer success so important to GK?

Our NLP models require expert installation and user onboarding to ensure best results – this is where the Customer Success role begins. 

Once deployed, our team offers ongoing training and helps to ensure that our customers are always getting the most from our products. By working closely with customers, we can keep them in touch with new use cases we are working on, or ways in which we can apply NLP in a specific asset class to add value. 

In an ideal scenario, the GK Customer Success team becomes a consultant to our clients’ trading technology and innovation teams and helps them embrace NLP throughout their trading lifecycle.

Customer Success is a global entity for us at GK, and I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest member, Chris Contrino, who has joined us to manage Success for our US customers – welcome on-board Chris! 

How did you first hear about GK? What made you want to work here?

I first heard about GK while I was at another FinTech vendor, I had met Anthony and saw how his vision could catch fire if it was well executed – wind the clock forwards a few years, and after another conversation with Anthony I was excited to be joining GK! 

I knew from my time on global trading floors that a lot of the processes still in place are archaic – leveraging NLP can really drive Sales and Trading teams to perform at their best. 

As the markets evolve, less people are covering more ground than ever – NLP can bridge the gap and help them work efficiently when the markets are volatile.

The biggest draw to GK for me though, in all honesty, was the culture – Anthony is proud of what GK has become and rightly so, the people and the environment we work in here are what makes it special – and I really believe our customers can tell we enjoy working at GK too!   Cultural Success breeds Customer Success!

What do you enjoy most about working at GK?

Using my own market experiences to really engage with our customers is great, it’s great to be able to put my customer hat on and understand how I would feel in their shoes using GK. 

I love the fast pace at GK, everyone is running at maximum effort and the pipeline is full – as a vendor you can’t ask for more than that!

My role allows me to manage my own workload and fit in important family duties and even the occasional morning school run around my customer site visits. GK prides itself on great internal communication, so I never feel out of touch with our global projects, whether I’m sitting in a coffee shop, our office or at a customer site.

How would you describe GK in 3 words?

Motivational, unified and relentless!

Do you have a mantra or a favorite quote? 

Not really a mantra, but I definitely believe strongly in treating everyone with the same respect as you would like to receive yourself! 

GK is currently looking to grow the Customer Success team. What would you say to prospective candidates?

Yes, I’m pleased to say we’re expanding again and this time it’s across our Public Safety vertical. GK is working on some exciting projects with some of the most significant names in the industry, and we want to ensure our core principles of Customer Success are carried through to this side of the business. The role is based in our Chicago office, so please feel free to get in touch via the link below if you are interested in joining the team. If you value company culture and a flexible working environment as highly as working with cutting-edge NLP technology then GK is definitely for you.