Employee Spotlight: Matthew Goldey


February 27, 2020


Matthew Goldey, PhD and Data Scientist, has more than 10 years’ experience applying data science and software engineering to scientific problem solving.

Tell us about something you do that you are very good at?

I am very good at making bread. When I lived in Berkeley, I kept a sourdough starter and ground my own whole wheat flour to attempt Pain Poilâne as many weekends as I could. My default response to any social gathering is to see if I have time to make some baguettes.

Tell us about something embarrassing that you have done?

I am a recovering picky eater. One Saturday, shortly after I got married, my wife and I went for a walk in the hills. We were a couple of miles in before I realized that I forgot water. All I could find were some wild apricots, which I never ate. Seeing as we had several miles to go, I forced myself to eat a few and quite enjoyed them while so very thirsty. We hiked ten miles that day with only those apricots for water and had a great time. Only my ego and my feet were feeling a little sore by the end.

Why do you work at GreenKey?

I love the immediate value that our work provides to our clients. As a startup, we are free to innovate rapidly to solve real client pain. The tension between innovation and reliability propels us toward rapid feedback cycles, constructive criticism, and a culture of learning. 

What do you like to work on at GreenKey?

I enjoy scoping out directions for projects, especially comparing tools and diagnosing questions of speed vs accuracy. When a client comes to us with a question we haven’t quite solved before, it’s a lot of fun to ask scope-defining questions and discuss expected behaviors for our products. That moment when a client says, “it got better,” after a machine learning model sees new data is very rewarding. 

Who do you most admire at GreenKey and why?

Tejas Shastry, our Chief Data Scientist, brings clarity to every conversation he’s in. He always knows the underlying problem, the minimal viable product that satisfies the client’s pain, and the timeline to deliver the solution. It’s easy to roadmap projects and identify where the pain points are and when to address them after a conversation with Tejas.