Employee Spotlight: Ryan Romberg


February 28, 2020


Ryan Romberg, Director of Public Safety Success, joined GreenKey in January 2020 and has hit the ground running.

Tell us about something you do that you are very good at?

I like to think I am very good at trivia! I love learning random facts about a variety of things and find myself retaining seemingly useless information until it comes time to answer trivia questions.

Tell us about something embarrassing that you have done?

A couple days before my first trip to visit the GK office in New York I went on my usual run, except this time I wore new shoes. The shoes did not take to my feet well and gave me large blisters on both of my Achilles making it extremely difficult and awkward looking to walk. This was a bit embarrassing to explain to co-workers that I had met for the first time!

Why do you work at GreenKey?

GreenKey was a perfect fit for me culturally. The emphasis on putting people first and building a team around a core set of values is apparent in the day to day. I also believe we are at the beginning of a period in which NLP will grow exponentially and our technology will be applicable to a variety of use industries and use cases.


What do you like to work on at GreenKey?

Building relationships with law enforcement agencies across the country and introducing them to the benefit of adding NLP into their workflows. Knowing that our technology is helping make our streets safer for both citizens and officers is invaluable.


Who do you most admire at GreenKey and why?

I have developed a level of admiration for all of those I have worked with at GreenKey, but I would highlight our Head of Customer Success Chris Winberg. Chris has a very welcoming personality and has been helpful every step of the way for me. I admire that although he comes from finance, he is always ready and willing to assist with tasks related to our public safety vertical.