Map market insights across your OTC client activity.


Map market insights across your OTC client activity.

Trade more. Type Less.

Voice. IM. Email. GK's Focus eliminates tedious time spent searching through your conversations and notes. Our speech recognition engine unlocks your voice and audio streams, while Discovery, our NLP, simultaneously identifies complex financial structures. Together, this gives you insights that let you trade more efficiently and avoid missed opportunities. 

Customer Insights

Rather than review transcripts, see important moments from your conversations.

quotes and trades

Pull market insights from conversations, across channels, in real time.

On the fly error correction

GK's AI learns your company workflow, adapting based on word corrections.


Receive instant notifications based on accounts, trades and pricing based on events important to you.

Deployment in Hours

Don't wait weeks to get started. Our unique, containerized model unlocks the full enterprise quickly.

unparalleled visibility

Visual displays, including a heatmap view, makes it easy to see trending companies and interested accounts.

Unstructured Data Becomes Structured

Clearly accessible data on quotes, accounts and trades  


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