GK Abroad: TradeTech Europe

Sarah Tegel

April 30, 2019

GK CEO Anthony Tassone, Head of Sales Chris Ruby, and VP of Product Joy Rosenstein traveled to Paris last week to participate in TradeTech Europe, one of the largest gatherings of trading professionals in Europe annually.

“TradeTech is a significant event in the conference calendar and the 2019 conference did not disappoint,” said Anthony. “The GK team and I met with many of the industry’s most influential people and came away with many new connections and ideas based on conversations with these experts.”

In addition to networking with GK partners, clients and friends, Anthony participated in a panel that discussed the rise of alternative data and how it can lead to both profitable business initiatives and new innovations in trade execution strategies.

“Sometimes unstructured or alternative data means not easily accessible,” he said during the panel. “Sometimes people think acquiring this data set can be challenging, but you may have some of this data in-house and you’re just not leveraging A.I. to unlock it.”

Anthony and the other panelists also stressed that the adoption of alternative data takes investment, strategy and time, especially when it comes to regulatory considerations, but those firms that are not looking ahead to implement such innovations will face massive deficiencies as the solutions become more widespread.

Alternative data was a strong theme throughout the TradeTech agenda and was highlighted by many panelists on both the buy and sell sides throughout the two-day event. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics also featured heavily among experts discussing investments to be made by trading desks and asset managers in the coming years.

“Events like TradeTech serve to reinforce that GK technology is a game-changer for many in the trading business who are looking to unlock conversational insights and automate tedious sales tasks,” said Anthony. “We will continue to educate the market on our capabilities, and the efficiencies and insights to be gained from GK’s sales and trading workflow solutions.”