GK Product Update December 2019

Joy Rosenstein

December 3, 2019

One of the key objectives for the product team this month was to build a buy-side analytics report. 

GK’s NLP has historically been a sell-side solution having been positioned for automation and client insights. We provide clients with a detailed analytics report comprising:

  • Voice and chat data 
  • Sales and customer insights
  • Product trends

Our reporting capabilities empower sales and trading teams to make strategic business decisions based on actionable intelligence.

To view the valuable insights we generate, you can download a sample report here.

Buy-side report

The product team has developed a similar report for the buy-side as they will require a new set of NLP workflows to be unlocked.

The buy-side report provides deep insights including:

  • Market color report
    – Which counterparties give you the most ideas?
    – What kind of market color do they give you: OTC product price updates, research, news, trade ideas?

Click below to view the market color report

  • Counterparty and liquidity metrics
    – After we ask a counterparty for a quote, how often do we trade with them?
    – How quickly does the counterparty get back to us when we have an order/inquiry?

GK not only unlocks data that previously was archived away and untracked, GK also provides key metrics and insights from the data.

Click below to view the sales inquiry report


Product Interpreter SDK

GK released our new product interpreter SDK. We listened to our clients’ request to be able to expand our product interpreters on-premise by adding new products or new entities. Our first version already provides a couple dozen out-of-the-box entities / building blocks to build product interpreters. It is available in our FINOS SDK repository. If you are interested in more information about the SDK and how to use it, please write us at success@greenkeytech.com.