gk Product Update – Nov 2019

Chris Ruby

November 1, 2019

Actionable intelligence to enhance customer relationships

Understanding customer relationships through visualizing trading desk activity with actionable insights and automation is a core focus at gk. 

We constantly enhance our Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to unlock value in customer data.

This month we improved asset class coverage scaling, quote dictation infrastructure, chatbot integrations, and trading desk analytics.

Enhanced asset class coverage

Our data science team continuously enhances asset class coverage (product interpreters) whilst our dev ops team improves backend processes so we scale faster as time passes. 

This month we built a new price data sheet and UI enhancements which better isolate financial products with improved price validation, outlier detection and debugging capabilities so we can build new product interpreters faster than ever.

Quote dictation infrastructure

The Blotter team identified improvements enabling a 50% reduction in release times while deploying demo instances in both Google Cloud and IPC Connexus Labs and rolling out desktop install executables for Macs and PCs. Drop Sales a note to schedule a live demo.

Blotter enables customers to quickly find inquiries in their voice and chat data through integrated search and integration with third party platforms such as our Symphony chatbot. 

Demonstrated at Symphony Innovate, the gk chatbot enables real-time dictation of quotes directly into a Symphony chat room with natural language queries and searchability built in.

Customer Analytics Reporting

We built new analytics reports that pull voice and chat data together with layouts that quantify customer relationships, trading desk efficiency, and product trends. 

These new reports help customers understand and take action on the data being generated with gk’s NLP to focus trading desk resources, improve customer relationships, and enhance profitability.

Drop our product team a note to learn more about the latest enhancements to gk products and how our NLP can power actionable intelligence and automation for your organization.