GreenKey Going Global – November Newsletter

Anthony Tassone

November 8, 2018

This month, GreenKey leadership participated in events in Chicago, New York, Orlando, Toronto and Zurich, focusing on promoting our open source partnership with FINOS, explaining our collaboration with Verint, and exploring new opportunities with emergency services.

Meeting the Nation’s Police Chiefs

Our founder, Anthony Tassone, attended IACP’s annual conference in Orlando to meet with chiefs of police and better understand the growing need police and fire departments have for voice technology. Turns out, there’s a massive desire to make filing reports easier for officers. If only there was a way they could do it on their cell phone…

Open Source: FINOS & GreenKey

Last month, our CTO Tom Schady spoke at the FIA Expo in Chicago on a panel titled “Open Source and Interoperability on the Trading Desk.” The group discussed how to end manual, time-consuming, and error prone actions by traders and allow them to solely concentrate on providing value.

IIT Real-Time Communications Conference

Tejas Shastry, Chief Data Scientist at GreenKey, spoke to a group of companies using WebRTC at the IIT Real-Time Communications Conference.

There’s a huge push for 911 departments to move from traditional telephony networks to voice over IP and to digitize voice. Some themes from Tejas’ speech include IT resources for police departments and the challenge of identifying precise location during calls.

Globetrotting with Verint

Our CEO, Nader Shwayhat, has been traveling with Verint’s Financial Compliance roadshow. In New York and Toronto, he gave keynote speeches, showing key industry players the value of voice technology. This week he traveled to Zurich and has Singapore, Copenhagen and London on the itinerary.

GreenKey Roadmap

The IPC co-development partnership is yielding incredible innovation. We will soon be releasing a desktop application fully integrated into your turret. It will visually display your quotes and trades in real time. Be on the lookout to sign up soon!

We’re deep in development of our “Call Dashboard.” This product transcribes your financial organization’s telephone calls in real time and curates the transcript into a useful summary with high level insights. It’s designed to make sales folks more efficient. Contact us for a free trial.

November Events

Be sure to say hi to Anthony at the Open Source Strategy Forum in London, November 14 -15.

We’re Growing and Want the Best People

Keep your eyes open on our careers page. We’re looking for sales directors in New York and London, as well as a number of engineering and data science roles.

We’re always looking to start up a conversation about what GreenKey is up to, simply because no one else is doing what we’re doing. We’re years ahead of the biggest tech companies, and preparing to grow and innovate at a breakneck pace.

If you have any questions, let us know. Someone will drop you a line and tell you about the breakthroughs we’re making on a daily basis.