GreenKey Technologies, maker of voice software designed specifically for broker and traders, has been awarded the “2015 Most Promising Sell-Side Start Up by Waters Technology.”

GreenKey’s voice network has rapidly expanded and now includes over 150 banks, brokerage firms and trading firms, all leveraging GreenKey’s innovative “soft turret.” The trader voice software is specifically designed to replicate the functionality of traditional hardware turrets but without the need for expensive hardware or physical T1 lines.

GreenKey enables traders and brokers to establish dozens of concurrent VoIP connections with one another and instantly connect from a standard PC. The entire telephony solution can be deployed as a private cluster completely behind the customer’s firewall or as a managed cloud offering.

“I’m really proud of this dynamic team, they are the absolute best at what they do. Telecom is moving to the PC – where it is dramatically cheaper, more secure and compliant,” Anthony Tassone, Chief Executive Officer for GreenKey Technologies said. “The average Sell-Side firm will save tens of millions of dollars in telecom costs and efficiency gains by switching to GreenKey and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in avoided fines through enhanced cybersecurity and compliance capabilities such as ZRTP encryption and real-time voice transcription.”

About GreenKey Technologies

GreenKey is a cross-functional group of developers, quants, network engineers and technologists. Our mission is to make trader voice simpler, smarter and more cost effective. We believe physical lines and hardware are no longer required for secure, mission critical conversations to take place. Our solution is an encrypted global VoIP network and the development of intelligent Soft Turrets.