How a Data Scientist Drove Our Logo Design

Svyat Vergun

February 28, 2019

A good startup culture is one where good ideas come from anywhere and everyone feels so passionate about the mission, they can’t help themselves but ideate ways to further it. That’s exactly how it came to be that I — a data scientist — ended up working on the GK’s new logo.

Our company was in the middle of an exciting shift in what we offer and who we are — part of this shift is reflected in our transition from “GreenKey Technologies” to “GK.” I felt our existing logo didn’t visually capture how smart and interesting our work is. So… I took it upon myself to drive efforts to fix that.

Logo Considerations


My graduate work at the University of Wisconsin – Madison focused on medical imaging MRI, neuroscience and machine learning. It helped me frame the challenge of our visual brand in a new light: how could our value proposition come to life using imaging – contrast, structure and human perception?

The end result is something I’m proud of. It’s a mark representing the natural world and technological inspiration.

At its core, GK structures unstructured data. The new logo features a diamond in the middle of a spiral. That diamond represents the value of structured data; diamonds are valued items, precious stones, where atoms are structured in a lattice.

Overall, the new logo prioritizes simplicity, symmetry and geometry from the natural world. It’s color and shape are bold, making the logo eye catching and it is practical while remaining true to our original branding.