International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) 2019: Reflections & Opportunities

Sarah Tegel

October 31, 2019

GreenKey was pleased to attend the 126th annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Chicago, held Oct. 26-29, in support of our work in emergency services. The event, attended by law enforcement professionals from around the globe, offered incredible insights into the concerns of modern police departments — and in particular for GK, how natural language processing technology can help tackle some of the challenges faced by police chiefs and their officers in the field.


Underscoring the national importance of the event were speeches by President Donald Trump and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who both spoke about current issues surrounding the safety of the American people as well as law enforcement personnel. While President Trump spoke of controversial opinions regarding Chicago’s crime rate and police force, Mr. Wray highlighted the management and procedural values he enforces within the FBI and encouraged attendees to consider their own department leadership principles. Mr. Wray also discussed his views on the working relationship between the FBI and local police departments.  

During the conference, GK CEO Anthony Tassone and COO Liz Petoskey were able to meet with representatives of some of the largest police departments in the nation to discuss how GK, artificial intelligence and NLP can help modernize and streamline some of their processes. In particular, it was clear that police departments are actively looking for ways to lessen or eliminate the time-consuming aspects of completing administrative reports. While challenges remain in the adoption and integration of such technology, the opportunities are considerable: GK is excited to be at the forefront of AI in this space, and looks forward to building on these critical relationships with local police departments.


An additional highlight for GK at the event was the widespread excitement around the announcement of Motorola Solutions’ new public safety radio, APX NEXT, and its related voice assistant, ViQi. In early October, GK announced a strategic investment by Motorola Solutions for purposes of building GK’s resource expertise, technology and deployment processes in the public safety field. According to Motorola Solutions, “ViQi is a public safety virtual assistant that provides vital information to first responders in the field and allows users to operate APX NEXT via voice control”:

“Today, ViQi allows officers to quickly and discreetly retrieve critical information from remote databases through simple voice queries, including: 

  • License plate numbers
  • Driver’s license information
  • Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) 


Motorola Solutions is working on future iterations of ViQi, such as calling for vehicle assistance, taking statements and foreign language speech translation.”

GK is excited to work with Motorola Solutions on these and other promising public safety solutions that promise to have an enormous impact on first responders’ critical actions.

Congratulations to IACP and our own City of Chicago for a successful 2019 conference!