Find What You’ve Been Missing: Identifying Lost Trading Opportunities

Chris Winberg

July 2, 2019

The financial markets community tends to be universally irritated by two recurring problems: unnecessary or cumbersome administrative tasks, and potential missed trading opportunities. GK’s natural language processing (NLP) technology, now applied to chat and messaging systems as well as voice data, can help solve both. In this article, we’ll focus on the second challenge: how GK technology can help reveal missed trading opportunities among the reams of data gathered on the trading desk – leading to new efficiencies that can improve your bottom line.   

GK’s Discovery NLP engine now scans chat systems and historical audio files to collate trades, quotes and product mentions, bolstered by market sentiment and insights to create a new data source for assessing successful trades. These data points are found across the trade lifecycle and can be analyzed and categorized:

Captured opportunities (inquiries resulting in executed trades):

  • By conversation type (market color, transactional)
  • By product class (transaction type including inquiry, quote, trade; and by sentiment)
  • By product or product structure (spread, fly, etc.)
  • By client (and subsequently by product class, conversation type, sentiment and number of completed transactions) 
  • By sentiment 

Discover the insights GK can generate by downloading a sample analytics report

Just as important as successful trade metrics, however, are those insights that can be gained by studying missed opportunities and lost trades. With GK NLP technology, designed and optimized specifically for trading language and conversation, you can quickly assess performance statistics such as which product is consistently traded away to a competitor, or which sales trader on your team is slowest to respond to a voice inquiry: 

Missed trading opportunities where no trade occurred:

  • By product class
  • By product or product structure (spread, fly, etc.)
  • By customer

Missed trading opportunities by factor:

  • Response times (by client, product class or transaction type including inquiry, quote or trade)
  • Loss to competitor
  • Low sentiment

The factors listed here are just the beginning, as the GK API is deployed onsite and trained to specifically serve each individual trading desk or team as required. Both archived and real-time data streams are stored and available for insights like never before.  

As you can imagine, unlocking the latent power inherent in this type of data is a game-changer and fast becoming a minimum buy-in for modern trading teams who want to stay ahead of the competition. Contact us for a demonstration to learn more about how GK technology can identify the opportunities you’re missing, and take your trading performance to the next level.