Improve Officer Training with Body Camera Audio Analysis


January 21, 2021

In our most recent webinar, GreenKey Founder and CEO Anthony Tassone sat down with retired Assistant Chief of Police Anthony Trevino to discuss how GK’s AI technology can be used to structure and analyze body camera audio to improve policing. In this article, we provide a recap of their conversion on the current state of policing and body camera analytics.

About Chief Trevino

In addition to serving as Assistant Chief of Police for the San Antonio PD, Chief Trevino was a police officer for 23 years and served as a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force. During his tenure, Chief Trevino collected numerous prestigious accolades and was nominated by The Department of Justice for the Crime Suppression Award. Today, he sits on several technology committees as he continues to seek ways to serve the public. 

In San Antonio, Chief Trevino acted as President of the Hispanic Police Officer Organization and was a member of the Black Officer Coalition. He also pioneered the deployment of San Antonio’s body-worn camera program which became a national model. 

In 2020, GreenKey brought Chief Trevino on as a strategic advisor to help inform our approach to helping police departments improve performance with body camera analytics.

Why is Police Body Camera Analytics Important? 

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, public sentiment and police morale have been on the decline. Chief Travino attributes these issues to the pressure police departments are under to produce reductions in crime numbers.

In an effort to meet these metrics, police departments have resorted to saturation patrols. The areas where police are called to reduce crime rates are often in neighborhoods of minority communities. These communities feel re-victimized as law enforcement conducts a high volume of pedestrian and traffic stops, resulting in conflict and civil unrest. 

Although crime is reduced in these areas, the residual negative sentiment has proven to be a major issue, leaving the communities with waning trust in law enforcement.

Chief Trevino calls for a need to improve the balance between crime reduction and the manner in which it is conducted. GreenKey’s AI technology is “an invaluable tool that’ll move us in the right direction,” states Trevino. Body camera analytics allows police departments to take a closer look at the interactions police officers have with the public, so they can identify areas for improvement.

GreenKey’s Body Camera Analytics in Action

GreenKey founder and CEO Anthony Tassone highlights the use of AI technology by companies to take the guesswork out of sales calls, and how this logic can be applied to body camera audio analytics. Chief Trevino says when body camera analytics is done properly, police departments can identify what de-escalation tactics are successful in the field. This information can be used to expand these strengths throughout law enforcement organizations to increase the amount of high-performing officers. 

Chief Trevino recalls the San Antonio Police Department’s approach to audio analytics during his time as Assistant Chief of Police. Supervisors were responsible for performing quarterly audits on one interaction per officer.

These interactions make up only a small fraction of an officer’s work. Given the large volume of footage being collected, there is an opportunity to explore this data more closely. AI technology like GreenKey’s can be used to analyze this data in a compressed amount of time, which has been a major hurdle when it comes to approaching body camera analytics.

Using analytics to Improve Police Training

The insights gained from analyzing exceptional police behavior can be used to share best practices with officers during their annual in-service training or roll call briefings. Providing practical application and pinpoint examples of what does and doesn’t work, can be used to develop officer training methods that are proven to be effective. “Ultimately, in the end, we want to have a win-win when it comes to interactions with police officers and members of the community,” states Chief Trevino. 

One of the key advantages of analyzing body camera audio is equipping officers early in the learning process with tools they can use to de-escalate situations.

Chief Trevino predicts transparency from police departments will be in much higher demand by the community and elected officials. GreenKey’s technology is the ideal tool to fulfill that demand in a scalable and manageable way. In the long term, body camera analytics will be used to shape the training environment police officers operate in, so they can perform at a higher level in their day to day interactions.

About GreenKey

For years, GreenKey’s advanced AI technology has been used by banks and trading firms on Wall Street to analyze conversations to improve the profitability of their daily interactions. In 2017, we lent our same technology to 911 dispatchers so they can collect and review data from real-time phone calls. GreenKey was later taken on as a Motorola Portfolio company and began creating models that enable police departments to analyze body-worn camera footage.       

GreenKey unlocks body camera data to improve training and drive better policing in our communities. Through its natural language processing technology, GK enables police departments to quickly and effectively audit audio captured from body cameras so the data is transcribed, organized, and made searchable. These insights can inform us if an interaction was respectful if racial bias was present, or which de-escalation tactics are most effective.

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