July 2019 Newsletter

Liz Petoskey

July 12, 2019



This month we highlight our ability to unlock conversations across voice and chat - leading to fewer missed trading opportunities across clients and asset classes - as well as new analytics reports specifically tailored to show desk heads what's trending. 

GK helps traders answer:

  • Which products do we quote the most, and from which client?

  • When we miss a trade, why?  Does it trade away or not at all?

  • How can we improve missed trade ratios?  


GK’s upcoming events schedule includes:

1) Chief Data Scientist, Tejas Shastry, participating in a July 25 Greenwich Associates webinar discussing NLP & bots on the trading desk

2) My chairing of the NLP stream at the AI and Data Science in Trading London conference in September. We hope you will join us!

Anthony Tassone,
Founder & CEO

Find What You’ve Been Missing: Identifying Lost Trading Opportunities

In this latest blog post, our Head of Customer Success, Chris Winberg, identifies two recurring problems for the financial markets community: unnecessary or cumbersome administrative tasks and potential missed trading opportunities. He explains how GK can solve the latter of these challenges. 
GK Events

July 25

Greenwich Associates Webinar: AI on the trading desk

Join GK's Chief Data Scientist, Tejas Shastry, who will discuss how technology is transforming and disrupting the way that traders on the buy- and sell-side view traditional market structures, as well as the new tools and processes that continue to change the way traders remain effective, during a Greenwich Associates webinar on July 25. REGISTER HERE to participate in this informative session!


And looking ahead:

September 16-17

AI & Data Science in Trading: London, 155 Bishopsgate

GK will be joined by 95 world-class speakers from leading asset management companies, academia and technology providers to chart future advancements in the use of data science in trading. Anthony will chair the NLP panel on Sept. 16, including sessions discussing:
  • Teaching machines to understand Chinese cyberslang
  • Unlocking internal data using NLP
  • Challenges and opportunities in widespread NLP adoption

As sponsors we have an exclusive discount code for our clients. Enter ‘SponsorAI’ into the discount box during registration on the website to receive 20% off the standard package!

New Leadership for the FINOS Voice Program

12 months after GreenKey joined the FINOS Voice Program our CTO, Tom Schady, is the newly elected PMC Lead. In this article he outlines his vision for the purpose of the program and how to improve the execution of that mission.

GK Analytics

Unlock value in your customer conversation data.
We have put together a sample analytics report to demonstrate the insights GK can generate for sales and trading professionals. Download your free copy here.

Fixed Income Leaders Summit US: Commentary and Thoughts

Anthony Tassone, GK's CEO, recently attended the Fixed Income Leaders Summit event in Philadelphia. Many of the event's prevailing themes underscored just how relevant GK technology has become to fixed income trading. Find out what Anthony had to say about the event here.
Team News

GreenKey had another successful internal hackathon this June - this year the challenge was to discover a hidden chat database embedded in our logo, structure and understand that chat data, and extract a secret message: our mission statement. It was a great afternoon of fun, learning, and teamwork at GreenKey technology!

Here are our very happy prize winners...

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