July Newsletter


July 10, 2020


Hi there,

Summer is flying.

Below is a quick look at what the team has been up to.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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Anthony Tassone
Founder & CEO

Recap: Analyze massive amounts of research using our NLP Platform

WEBINAR: There is alpha in analyzing earnings calls, research and news. Use GK’s Focus Studio to train your own NLP models to extract and alert you of custom KPIs, sentiment, word complexity, and other audio and text signals. Users can now use our intuitive interface to annotate and tag documents to capture their proprietary views on topics and company/industry specific key drivers.

Professional Services

Ask us about our professional services!

More and more customers are asking GK to help integrate our NLP platform into their automation frameworks. Symphony, Salesforce, or OpenFin – we can help you get to market quicker. We serve to be an extension of your data science team.

Extract Insights from Documents + Calls

Earnings Call Analysis Model Released

Focus Studio now allows you to create custom labels, highlight key phrases, and adapt GreenKey’s models to surface similar information in the future. Extract structured insights from earnings calls with your own customized natural language processing model. Our out-of-the-box earnings KPI extraction model features even more KPIs across verticals. Get structured insights immediately or customize our KPI model using Focus Studio to start automatically incorporating company KPIs into your factor models. Check out our full release notes here.

Strategic Mindset with AT

PODCAST: Check out Episode 1 of the brand new series with special guest Mazy Dar, CEO, and Co-Founder of OpenFin “Strategic Mindset with AT.”

Listen alongside Anthony Tassone as he uncovers important insights to develop a strategic mindset necessary to lead businesses and people. Each episode explores the creative, strategic solutions deployed by leaders.

Company Culture

Our team moves quickly at GK, constantly experimenting with new ideas and solving problems. Our customers, however, rely on our products to work as expected. Platform Engineer Andrew Melis talks about codifying the testing, delivery, and operations processes so that the whole team can work creatively while producing dependable results.