New Leadership for the FINOS Voice Program

Tom Schady

July 9, 2019


As the newly elected PMC Lead of the FINOS Voice Program, I thought it would be helpful to layout my vision for the purpose of our program and how to improve our execution of that mission. 

Our purpose is to create industry solutions using Voice related tech and the power of open source.  At a basic level, we do so through interoperability standards; at the most advanced, through sophisticated Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries.  

To increase our utility to the FINOS community, we propose the following:

  • We will clarify our charter by adding Chat NLP as voice conversations are increasingly moving to chat.
  • We will fully define voice/chat use cases, as clarity of purpose begins with these simple problem/solution statements.
  • We will increase cross-FINOS collaboration through embracing the standards of other programs in our outputs.
  • We will increase community involvement through prioritizing FINOS ODP additions.

To execute on this mission, we propose the following:

  • We will embrace the developer community through common tools and favoring asynchronous communication:  using GitHub Issues and Wiki to replace Atlassian services and in-person meetings, and using Symphony to augment with real-time chat communication.  Phone meetings are expensive and will be convened as needed.
  • We will publish our roadmap using GitHub Projects for increased transparency.
  • We will identify natural places to start for newcomers:  by labeling good first issues, clearly calling out projects needing support, and by the aforementioned clear use-cases, which provide a list of problems our community wishes to solve.

Thanks to my colleagues for their support of my leadership of this cutting-edge program.  I’m excited to start this transformation work now so that we may begin Q3 with a strong foundation for the future: clear goals, calls-to-action, and a roadmap to inspire and organize our community.