Focus API

Unlock your conversations with GreenKey’s powerful voice and NLP APIs

Enable powerful workflows with domain-specific NLP

GreenKey’s NLP models are built using state-of-the-art deep-learning architectures from leaders in NLP. Our customers have deployed gk’s Focus API for a variety of use cases.

Search & Query

Voice activate your applications.

Form Population

Remove tedious forms populations and save users up to 75% typing time.


Create blotters of shared data for previously untapped data.

Voice Assistants

Increase productivity and automate manual tasks.

We are here to be your NLP partner

At GreenKey, we’ve assembled a team of world class Data Scientists and Financial Market professionals to build domain-specific natural language processing to structure your conversational data into insightful reports and automate workflows. 

Our models are built using state-of-the-art deep-learning architectures from leaders in NLP and trained on terabytes of data to understand complex trader jargon. GreenKey’s models are all customizable to your firm’s specific workflow and language.

Simple. Secure. Scalable.

At gk, we develop all of our services with the API in mind first. Each model in our stack is containerized separately, enabling easy deployment scalability of our services. All of gk’s services are Docker-containerized and deployable via Kubernetes on-premise or in a virtual private cloud.

Open-Sourced SDKs

Leverage our open-sourced tools to integrate GreenKey’s NLP directly into your application.

Discovery NLP Toolkit

Build custom NLP interpreters to power chatbots, voice skills, and more.

Dictation Toolkit

Enable custom workflows such as form population and voice commands.

Speech Recognition Toolkit

Tune speech models to your accents and background noise environments.

Built for industry jargon

See how GreenKey can enable applications specific to your domain.

Finance: Sales and Trading

GreenKey extracts insights from your voice, chat, and email data to help you increase revenue and productivity across your global sales and trading desks.

Finance: Research

GreenKey tags sentiment, topics, and key metrics across research documents, earnings call audio, and news using cutting-edge Natural Language Processing.

Public Safety

GreenKey enables officers to voice-populate paperwork, perform license plate and suspect queries with a virtual dispatcher, and transcribe and search 911 calls, suspect interviews, and body cams.

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