NLP Platform

We structure your data, you power your insights

What is NLP?

NLP = Natural Language Processing

Convert human conversations to machine language

Structure human conversations into actionable insights

Analyze human conversations for context

Explore gk’s NLP Platform

Focus Studio

NLP Model Training Environment

Insight Reports

Actionable insights built with your structured conversations


Flexible API powering automation and voice-enabled workflows


Your data is important. For on-premise and private cloud deployments we make sure the highest standards are met and only authorized personnel can access your primary data and post-NLP analytics.


We support open standards for inputs (both chat and voice) and outputs, so we are designed to partner and fit into your Enterprise.


Our containerized micro-services  deployment model leverages Kubernetes to provide flexibility and security.

Deployment Options

On Premise

Docker and Kubernetes solution can be deployed directly on your virtual machines.

Private Cloud

Leverage AWS’ ecosystem while retaining control of networking and security with an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.

Public Cloud

The fastest way to get up and running with gk NLP solutions.

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