NLP Studio for Trading


February 3, 2020


We released the latest version of Focus Studio, an NLP studio designed for sales and trading.

Focus Studio is a powerful NLP tool that gives users (from novice to expert) the ability to leverage GK’s extensive library of pre-trained financial language models and customize it for their needs. 

We built Focus Studio to give our clients access to our end-to-end NLP platform; a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, models, and community resources that allow you to build and deploy NLP-powered workflows.

Focus Studio can be used to enhance a pre-trained model for voice workflows by onboarding new desk users via our training mode, adapt the structured data output to match your desired format via our SDK, to error correct and evaluate automatically customized models and to generate, from complex data sources, powerful insight reports and structured data files. Focus Studio makes the best of GK’s technology available in one robust, easy-to-use tool.

For our launch, we will be offering a free Focus Studio demo version with a limited feature set to try out our NLP engine with the below functionality:

    Focus Studio allows you to: 

    • Pick a pre-built model by GK;
    • Onboard your users by using the Training Mode to dictate quotes, perform errors corrections and explore the fields of the extracted structured data;
    • Re-train the model with the new sample dataset;
    • Explore the insight reports generated on your dataset;
    • Evaluate your resulting model before deploying it on-premise/in production.

    We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us over the next few months to build out the Focus Studio application and we will also collect feedback from trial users of our soft launch.

     To request access to a free trial please visit /contact/