October 2019 Newsletter


October 3, 2019


GreenKey is fortunate to have a world class team that is continually advancing Natural Language Processing to surpass our clients’ expectations. This month’s newsletter highlights some of the talented people and exciting technological breakthroughs that are unlocking conversations and automating complex workflows for today’s trading firms and beyond.

GK has also been busy leading the discussion of NLP at industry events, many of which are detailed below. In fact, our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Tejas Shastry, is presenting the session “Real-Time Data Insights Through Voice and Natural Language Processing” tomorrow afternoon at Symphony Innovate in New York. I look forward to connecting with many of our clients at this great event.

Anthony Tassone
Founder & CEO

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I was delighted to attend the AI & Data Science in Trading conference in London on September 16. I chaired the Natural Language Processing stream. We discussed how NLP enables you to organize and unlock value from your chat messages and phones calls.  You can read my commentary and thoughts of the event here:

We’re looking forward to Symphony Innovate on Thursday 3rd October. Find out what Tejas Shastry, our Chief Data Scientist, will be presenting here:

Wow. Check out this article!
AI: Natural Language Processing and the Battle for Unstructured Data

GreenKey & IPC to release dictation app to drive adoption of “voice-populating” trade tickets.

Product Update.
Here at gk, we pride ourselves on having an excellent engineering team. Here’s what they have been up to:

Ashley, what are you working on?

Ashley Shultz, Software Engineer at gk:

“I have been working on our “Conversation Insights” engine (image below) which extracts important structures from large volumes of trading messages inside chat and audio. Insights include quote/trade ratios, frequency of product mentions, bid-ask spreads, and many more which reveal valuable information about client relationships, liquidity and sales employee performance.

My most recent victory was producing an 11x speed-up in processing time of incoming messages! This makes a huge difference for our clients – it’s awesome to work for a company where real-time performance matters.”

GreenKey is working with police

A report by Nuance finds: Law enforcement professionals are overwhelmed by documentation demands. 

gk is working to voice-enable police reporting!  Hands free, eyes up.