Improve Policing with Body Camera Analytics

Increase Respectfulness.  Identify De-Escalation Tactics.

Less than 0.1% of police body camera videos are ever reviewed.

GreenKey unlocks this valuable data to help elected officials improve policing. 

“With GreenKey, we can determine if we’re truly being effective in crime reduction while maintaining positive community interactions.”
Anthony Trevino

Retired San Antonio Assistant Chief of Police

Most Popular Reports

Early Warning System

This report outlines the most negative events from the day before.


This report provides metrics to determine which de-escalation tactics are most effective in the field.


This report outlines whether positive or negative language was used in police interactions.

Simple, Secure Upload

Copy videos to AWS GovCloud

Easily upload body camera video files to the AWS GovCloud which keeps sensitive data safe and secure.

Select a Report Template

GreenKey offers both out-of-the-box reports and customized.

Generate Your Report

Review the customized reports to gain insights to make informed decisions on how to improve policing in your community.

How To Customize Your Reports

Reports can be specific to your community. Our platform is made for collaboration between criminal justice experts, local advocacy groups, and elected officials—tag de-escalation phrases and identify biased language for reports customized to your community and department.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get setup?
With cloud, on-premise, and virtual private cloud deployments, you can get up and running with gk in a week and start generating reports.

Does gk store personal identifying information (PII) or license plate info? 

No – gk does not store any information. All information is forwarded from gk’s interface directly to your evidence retention system.

Does gk offer body cam transcription?
As part of our analysis, our engine creates a body cam transcript. However, our models are tuned towards identifying sentiment and intent even with a noisy and sometimes hard to follow transcript.

How accurate are gk’s reports?
GreenKey has built its NLP AI to understand a broad range of public safety language and quickly learns new keywords that can indicate sentiment. After onboarding, accuracy typically exceeds human-level benchmarks, ensuring you can trust gk’s NLP the same way you trust your own employees.

Do we have to manually send you data to train models?

No – all model training happens within our Focus Studio interface. Focus Studio is a full-fledged application that lets you test form population, customize your form, and adapt models to better understand your users’ voices.

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