Improve Policing with Body Cam Analysis

GreenKey analyzes body cam audio to provide elected officials and police departments with reports tracking sentiment and de-escalation tactics.

Download our example report to find out how GreenKey can help improve training, surface issues and transform your organization.

Better policing unlocked through data

Over 50% of officers wear body cameras, yet few departments are able to leverage this data to effectively improve training and tactics.

GreenKey’s artificial intelligence surfaces negative events through audio signals and text-based sentiment, and isolates de-escalation events that work.

Our models are completely customizable, enabling departments to take control of their data and oversight. Start building your model today with GreenKey’s Focus Studio.


“GreenKey gives cities and police departments the right tools to learn from body camera data. I’m confident this will improve training and let departments get ahead of negative occurrences.”
Anthony Trevino

Retired San Antonio Assistant Chief of Police

GreenKey Understands Police Jargon

Our advanced speech recognition (ASR) and natural language processing (NLP) engines are trained to understand police jargon in noisy environments. 

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Easy Deployment
GreenKey’s software can be deployed in CJIS-compliant environments, such as AWS GovCloud and Azure Government

Seamless integration
GreenKey works with your current vendors to integrate our APIs with your record management system and databases.

Industry-Leading Technology
Our models are trained on terabytes of data to easily understand police jargon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get setup?
With cloud, on-premise, and virtual private cloud deployments, you can get up and running with gk in a week and start generating reports.

Does gk store personal identifying information (PII) or license plate info? 

No – gk does not store any information. All information is forwarded from gk’s interface directly to your evidence retention system.

Does gk offer body cam transcription?
As part of our analysis, our engine creates a body cam transcript. However, our models are tuned towards identifying sentiment and intent even with a noisy and sometimes hard to follow transcript.

How accurate are gk’s reports?
GreenKey has built its NLP AI to understand a broad range of public safety language and quickly learns new keywords that can indicate sentiment. After onboarding, accuracy typically exceeds human-level benchmarks, ensuring you can trust gk’s NLP the same way you trust your own employees.

Do we have to manually send you data to train models?

No – all model training happens within our Focus Studio interface. Focus Studio is a full-fledged application that lets you test form population, customize your form, and adapt models to better understand your users’ voices.

Download our example report to find out how GreenKey can help transform your organization