Public Safety

Improve speed and safety with voice and text Natural Language Processing

Go Faster: Real-Time Report Population

Enable Police and Firefighters to respond quickly to time sensitive emergency situations by voice populating incident reports in real time.

Respond Safely: Hands-Free Workflows

Improve officer safety by eliminating typing with voice-activated license plate lookups and identity verification.

gk uses NLP to automatically highlight police codes, address information, and critical dangers from spoken conversations.

Police officers spend up to 39% of their time on tedious paperwork. This distracts officers from their critical police work,  or ties up the radio with non-essential traffic.

gk Makes Patrol Jobs Easier.

We do this by using AI to turn spoken police jargon into real time actionable data. Officers can query police databases or feed information to team members in other locations, enabling officers to quickly take action.

Watch this video to learn more about how our NLP solutions are transforming operations for emergency services professionals.

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