Customer Interaction Intelligence

GreenKey generates deep insights around your customer and trading conversations using domain specific NLP

Unlock your Bloomberg Data

Miss fewer opportunities with better visibility. See summarized products mentioned across your communication channels to drill into what the market is asking for and whether you’re spending time with the right clients.

Tag Data to Generate Trade Ideas

Generate trade ideas using our Focus Studio product to tag relevant parts of earnings reports, analyst calls, or any other research content, and our engine will summarize similar information for you over time.

Trade Reconstruction

Build an audit trail from chat, emails, and calls for your OTC trades. Reduce the time to provide a complete trade lifecycle analysis and trade reconstruction from days to minutes.

Sell-Side Rankings

Buy-side firms: evaluate the quality and service of your trading relationships by analyzing your trading conversations with NLP.

Dictate Notes to your CRM

Record customer interactions securely with note dictation to internal CRM platforms such as Salesforce and Tier 1.

Wealth Management

Identify market trends and figure out whether the time you’re spending with clients is truly driving trades.

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