The most advanced AI powered by NLP and speech recognition.


The most advanced AI for financial markets, powered by speech recognition and NLP.

Scribe understands complex financial jargon

Our patented technology automatically converts market insights from audio and text by combining deep learning speech recognition with tailored financial language models to obtain the best accuracy for complex, noisy financial conversations.

220 Accents Understood

150,000 Minutes Listened

25,000,000  Words Transcribed

Seamless Learning

We offer a customizable toolkit for your firm’s needs and its unique employee accents and workflows. Our AI is continuously learning to provide the highest levels of accuracy.

Open Source

GK is an open, integrated and user-friendly API. 

Our open source SDK is part of the FINOS Voice Program, an initiative that furthers to define open voice standards for the development community

On-Premise, Docker Containers

Unique, containerized microservices deployment model unlocks the enterprise. Our small backend footprint and on-premise or private cloud dockers allow for deployment in hours, rather than weeks. 


Scribe Switchboard: Works with IBM, Microsoft and Google

Our patented technology lets you create ensembles using a portfolio of transcription engines – meaning, you don’t have to interrupt any existing infrastructure. Scribe Switchboard analyzes audio in less than one second and determines the best transcription engine to route it to, including Watson, Microsoft, Google and GK’s. 

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