September 2019 Newsletter


September 10, 2019



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GK has spent the last few months building new capabilities in voice and chat NLP analysis and deepening our partner and customer relationships. Our clients are directly benefiting from GK’s growing ecosystem of industry technology providers that can leverage and integrate our automation solutions.

As part of our involvement with the industry at large, we’ve got two exciting conference presentations coming up: AI & Data Science in Trading in London, where I’ll be chairing the NLP stream on Sept. 16, and Symphony Innovate in New York, where we’ll demonstrate GK’s new capabilities with Symphony technology on Oct. 3. We hope to see GK clients and friends at both of these events.

Anthony Tassone, Founder and CEO

P.S. We’re hiring – check out our vacancies here!

 e-book now available!

GK participated in a webinar hosted by Greenwich Associates discussing AI and its adoption and recent evolution in trading markets. Check out the new e-book summary here that includes insights on NLP and how it can help structure voice and chat data, barriers to AI adoption and next-generation AI solutions.  

Interview with the team behind the AI and Data Science in Trading Conference:

Anthony discusses the biggest challenges facing banks' adoption of data science and what can be done about the talent war in AI and machine learning.

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...what our Chief Data Scientist, Tejas Shastry, will be presenting at Symphony Innovate on October 3rd.

Take a sneak peek here!

The Inside Scoop from Data Science...

We asked Tejas Shastry to share what the Data Science team is currently working on... 

“We’ve been doubling down on our financial NLP expertise - we’ve expanded our product interpreter coverage to be able to extract products, prices, quantities, transaction types, and more from interest rate, credit, and equity conversations across voice and chat. 
Our array of real time audio services is expanding to real time language detection and real time speaker diarization. 
The team has also been expanding its NLP interpreter suite to emergency services. We’re automatically identifying license plate numbers from noisy audio to help police officers go hands free and use voice-activated license plate lookups."

Tejas Shastry, Chief Data Scientist

The Changing Role of a Data Scientist

GK explores how Data Science has changed; past, present and future, and what it takes to be a successful Data Scientist.
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What’s New - Product Updates

GK is continuously striving to make our products better. 

Last month, we released several new features to our onboarding tool, Focus: filter and search for transcripts, export transcripts to CSV and view the number of quotes and the source of each transcript (chat vs voice). The processing of historical chat data has been improved to be 50x faster. Lastly, users can now quickly visualize the accuracy improvement of the voice model within Focus. 

Our co-development platform with IPC, Blotter, is now OpenFin compatible. We’re gearing up for its imminent release in partnership with IPC’s Real-Time Audio gateway (RTAG) for pristine audio. 

GK structures conversations into actionable data to generate insights and power automation.