Tech Predictions for the New Year


December 19, 2018

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and hot cocoa. In the tech space, it’s also a time for reflections and predictions.

A Look Back

Voice technology has been a major player in 2018. Among US households with a smart speaker, 74% have owned it for less than one year. They’re being used with great frequency; “Hey Alexa…” or “Google, can you…” are phrases known and spoken by even the youngest members in our homes. Yet, more than half of owners say they don’t know enough about their speaker to use all its features. Speakers by Bose and Apple and even SmartTVs now come standard with voice capabilities. As our devices learn, so do we: we’re beginning to talk to our devices, rather than type into them. And this extends into our professional lives: voice technology is beginning to play a bigger role to accelerate workflows.

A Look Ahead

We asked members of the GreenKey team to predict what we will see when it comes to voice technology in 2019. Here’s what they said:

“We’ll see moderate growth in voice-based games, particularly among the 35-50 and 50+ age brackets, as well as continued exponential growth in team voice for gaming throughout the next 6-18 months as Gen Z goes to high school and college. Customer-facing voice and touchscreen interfaces will become increasingly common as labor costs rise in major markets and pave the way for further automation in brick-and-mortar retail. While voice assistants have not yet made major inroads in the business sector, the first big winners will be eavesdropping value-add services like summarizing and tracking client interactions due to the quick ROI for corporate IT departments. These efforts will pivot to more conversational tools on a per-business basis while industry leaders watch to see what is fad and what is fab.” -Matthew Goldey, Senior Data Scientist

“Businesses are going to start being inundated by Google Duplex and its robot callers that are trying to interact with them like real humans. At some point in time, a humorous error or mistake by Google Duplex with disastrous consequences will go viral.” -Tejas Shastry, Chief Data Scientist

“In general, I’ve seen more adoption for voice assistants (e.g Alexa, Google Home, etc.) in the past year. As speech recognition makes more advancements – controlling smart home devices, personal shopping assistants, speaker identification, etc.. more and more people see value.” – Sammy Choi, Deployment Strategist

“Voice tech will expand from casual use in homes to critical use in businesses. Firms with time-sensitive needs will accelerate their manual workflows with real-time voice technology and outpace their competition.” – Tom Schady, CTO

“Phone calls that are not transcribed and made available to be mined for intelligence will seem like a big waste of time.” -Anthony Tassone, Founder and CEO

Stay Tuned

Wherever 2019 takes us, we’re excited to see (and be part of) the way voice continues to make an impact on our personal and professional lives. If you want to stay in the loop on what GreenKey is up to in 2019, make sure you sign up to get our monthly newsletter (at the footer of this page).