Unifying voice & chat with Symphony

Joy Rosenstein

September 5, 2019

A large portion of OTC trading still takes place outside of electronic trading platforms,  via live conversations between counterparties over voice and chat lines. The availability of new technology is leading the world’s largest banks, broker dealers, and technologists to focus on the next generation of trading workflows that combine voice trading with electronic trading efficiencies. 

The newest technology stacks utilize previously archived and unused data to enable traders to communicate more efficiently and trade faster with regulatory compliance built into the technology stack, leveraging cloud computing, data lakes, and artificial intelligence.

GK has partnered with Symphony to voice-enable quote input to Symphony chat. Traders have the ability to dictate quotes and RFQs, and have voice converted to data in real time and fed into a Symphony chat room like this:

Counterparties with access to this chat room will see quotes in real time in a searchable chat stream where they can subscribe to alerts and updates on securities, currencies, or price points of interest to identify and respond to trading opportunities. Seamless integration can feed this quote and trade data to banks’ compliance platforms for compliance with MiFID II best execution and trade reconstruction requirements. 

GK’s Chief Data Scientist, Tejas Shastry, will present this solution at Symphony Innovate in New York on October 3. We hope to see you there!